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Web service myTRS: Important information on operation

Insider tip: blue areas in myTRS

Essential information on how to use the online tool for muscle building and weight training: The blue areas directly in the application will help.

The online tool myTRS is not necessarily intuitive to use. This is not least due to the underlying philosophy of regeneration-based build-up training: Neither fixed training plans nor the preferred training of predefined exercises are in the foreground, but rather the question: Which muscles are ready to be loaded again today with a next training stimulus?

It can happen that new users simply don’t know what to do in certain situations. But that’s what they are here for: the blue areas.

What are the “blue areas”?

The color blue is used in myTRS to offer the user of the online tool helpful information for operation. They mostly contain texts that convey basic or in-depth information.

What does the “page information” offer?

Page information in myTRS

This information is placed in the upper part of each page. They briefly describe what this page is about and which elements have which meaning. You can usually find tips on how to use the page or the description of individual fields of the form.

This area – and often sections within it – can be expanded and collapsed.

What is the question mark at the bottom right for?

myTRS Help

Each page of the online tool shows a blue field with a question mark at the bottom right. This can be used to open a list that shows various ways to get more information.

The intro offers a first insight into myTRS. With the jump-start, the user is shown additional information about the individual pages. The videos on the support website also offer topics for advanced users, while the questions and answers tend to explain the online tool from a higher-level perspective. And the support request opens a window of the e-mail program to get in touch with

Where to find questions and answers?

All about myTRS

As mentioned before, you can find the questions and answers in the list of the help section, which opens when you click or tap the question mark at the bottom right of the page. However, you can also open this section using the link in the footer on any page of the application.

And fundamental information?

If you want to take a look behind the scenes of myTRS, the myTRS blog is the place to go. Here you will not only find specific tips on how to use the online tool, but also a detailed presentation of the regeneration-based build-up training philosophy.

Further links in the blog

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