myTRS: Online-Tool für Muskelaufbau und Kraftsport myTRS: Online-Tool für Muskelaufbau und Kraftsport

Your chance for success:
muscle building with heart and brain.

Optimize muscle building

Targeted body shaping

Flexible workout planning

Utilize supercompensation

Support natural bodybuilding

Reduce risk of injury

Increase fun in training

Enable perseverance

Overcoming development plateaus

Split planning: new & spontaneous

Gain fresh motivation

New thrust for your muscle building

Targeted build-up of individual body parts: When is the right time for the next workout? And with what exercises?

The danger: If muscles are reloaded too soon, the build-up process is disrupted or even aborted.

Regeneration based build-up training sets new impulses, provides a dynamic and individual split program and helps to overcome training plateaus.

Generic picture: Book available for free as e-book.

Available free of charge:
The myTRS book.

Looking for motivating and effective ideas for your build-up training? The first myTRS book “ Training? Intelligent.” offers serious reflections as well as entertaining short stories from the world of muscles.

The key to staying consistent is variety. Are you ready to dare something new?

Get the e-book! Not only absolutely free, but even without any registration. (available in German language only)

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myTRS: Online-Tool für Muskelaufbau und Kraftsport myTRS: Online-Tool für Muskelaufbau und Kraftsport

Seriously challenge your body.
But in a natural and healthy way.

Thousands of training plans, nutrition tips, fitness apps: So what's the point of myTRS?

Fitness apps are a dime a dozen. Is this now the next in an infinitely long series?

No. Our online tool focuses on just one thing: The regeneration based build-up training – fitting exactly to your today's condition.

Our online tool shows you when your trained muscles are ready for the next workout. And that is important, because: Training too early stops the build-up that is currently taking place.

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Muscle regeneration: how long does it last?

Decades ago, the observation was made that different muscles take different lengths of time to recover. The problem with this is that after hard workouts there is always a complex mixture of muscles that are still under load and muscles that can already be loaded again.

The online tool myTRS shows which of your muscles are currently in which condition. And you decide for yourself on this basis what you therefore train again today.

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myTRS: Online-Tool für Muskelaufbau und Kraftsport myTRS: Online-Tool für Muskelaufbau und Kraftsport

Your personal training planning:
Tailor-made and up-to-date.

Endless tips in the free blog

There's a lot to be said about regeneration based build-up training. And new aspects and considerations are always being added.

That's why we established the myTRS blog. At irregular intervals, food for thought will appear there to help optimize your own build-up training.

Here are some posts from the blog:

Reading is an adventure in the mind: Get involved and get new inspiration for your training! With fresh motivation and variety in the exercise selection, boredom doesn't even arise.


In the search for miracle cures and patent remedies, it is easy to misunderstand things. To avoid this risk as much as possible, we would like to briefly outline what the online tool myTRS is NOT.

NO: What myTRS is NOT.

myTRS is NOT an app you play around with while occupying equipment at the Gym. Actually, it's NOT an app at all, because you don't have to install anything. It's NOT nice videos of exercises that you already know almost all anyway or that you can always find on the Internet.

It is also NOT a rigid training program that tells you when to do what and in whitch way. And it does NOT tell you if you are doing the exercises correctly and when you have done enough – there are proper trainers and coaches for that.

The online tool myTRS has only one purpose: To provide you, as someone who already has experience with weight training, with solid guidance in planning your next workout – according to the principle of regeneration based build-up training. And that not only provides variety, but also lasting motivation.

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Regeneration-based build-up training as the key to successful long-term muscle building

Regeneration-based build-up training is a key success factor for healthy and consistent muscle building. This is because in regeneration-based build-up training, each individual workout should be designed, as far as possible, in such a way that the build-up processes of previous workouts are not disrupted. The regeneration progress of the individual muscle groups is therefore the basis of the training planning. Because: Muscle regeneration is an inseparable part of hard build-up training. Fine injuries in the muscles must first be repaired during regeneration. In the subsequent phase of supercompensation, additional muscle mass and strength are built up. Muscle regeneration thus plays a central role in weight training.

myTRS – the slightly different fitness app?

Build-up training is about a very specific form of fitness. This is because bodybuilding and weight training requires a certain level of intensity, which then damages the muscular structures in the microscopic level. This does not happen if you do fitness training, for example, in the form of endurance sports or below the aforementioned intensity level. Hitting the supercompensation phase as precisely as possible therefore plays a decisive role, especially in build-up training. And this is exactly where myTRS supports you as a tool for an individual and flexible split program. Only those muscle groups are ever loaded with suitable exercises that have already been able to recover sufficiently from the previous workouts and complete the build-up.
Apart from that, myTRS is not a typical app because you don't need to install anything: myTRS was developed as a flexible web app. An upright internet connection is all that is needed to use the online tool.

Do you have any questions? Here are some answers.

What is bodybuilding, bodystyling, bodyforming?
No matter which term you prefer, it is all about the targeted improvement of your physical appearance. So it's not just about fat loss and a lean figure, but about well-formed and healthy body contours. And since it's mostly the muscles that make up this form, it's all about building up your body.
What is regeneration-based build-up training?
Regeneration-based build-up training is about giving the body enough time to react with build-up after intensive workouts. Since an increase in strength or mass only occurs after complete recovery, this process should not be interrupted at an early stage.
How does myTRS help with the planning of regeneration-based build-up training?
Since different muscle groups recover differently fast from the previous training, every day other muscles could be trained again. In the web app myTRS, this current body status is displayed by means of traffic light colors and thus enables flexible workout planning.
How many times a week to train for muscle building?
It's essential that each of your muscle groups gets enough time to recover and grow. As long as you don't exhaust yourself too much during your workout, you can theoretically train almost every day – as long as you only ever load those muscles that have already been sufficiently regenerated. However, it should be noted that in general there is no energy deficit for the time of buildup.
How can I use myTRS?
Since myTRS was developed as a web app, no installation is required. You can use it on a variety of internet devices if you are online.
What does myTRS cost?
Up to 100 exercises can be entered free of charge with full functionality to test the web app extensively and without any risk. And to be able to book more than 100 exercises, licenses are available for quarters, half-years or whole years – at a price equivalent to an energy drink or a protein bar per week.
Completely without obligation and without any risk, inform and try out?
Our offer to you: Try myTRS without hurrying. And check for yourself whether everything works the way you expect it to on your device. Register for the free and non-binding version with full functionality, with which you can record up to 100 exercises.

You can find detailed information about the web app myTRS on the website ( More detailed information and background reports can be found in our myTRS Blog ( And for the free registration it goes here:
Which training app is the best?
It all depends on your requirements. As a weight training beginner, you will probably use different apps than an old hand. And while myTRS may look a little different than typical apps, you'll benefit from our online tool's specialization: regeneration-based build-up training, which focuses on the build-up process you desire.

Book up to  100 exercises free  – without any obligation!

No download. No installation. Just use it.

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