Why regeneration based build-up training?

Do you even lift, bro? Keep cool!

You move considerable weights in violent workouts? And your body is loosely putting up with the loads? Don't be mistaken: The danger of overtraining is also present with young people. And in some cases the injury was faster than the barbell could be pushed back into the rack.

Hard and intelligent training?

Clearly: Without hard training, the longed-for successes will not come. But what does intelligent training mean? What role does it play to give the musculature sufficient opportunity to gain strength and mass? In other words: How unwise would it be to obstruct the ongoing build-up process or even to stop it before time?

The benefits without serious risks?

A trained body offers quality of life into high age. However, training is no longer the same as it used to be: It is important to respond to the changed needs of the body. The avoidance of excessive demands or even injuries has top priority now.

Effective and flexible training

The job: demanding. Free time? Scarcely. However: build-up training helps to reduce the stress of the working day. But efficiency would be important: Good results with as little effort as possible. And: A lot of flexibility in training planning to cope with the imponderables of everyday life.
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