Why regeneration-based build-up training?

Do you even lift, bro?

You move considerable weights in vigorous workouts. And your body can easily cope with these stresses? Don't make a mistake: the risk of overtraining is present even in young people. And in some cases, the injury was there faster than the barbell could be put back down.

But the following fact probably hits you even harder: Insufficient regeneration reduces your build-up.

Train hard and intelligent?

Clearly, without hard training, the longed-for build-up successes will fail to materialize. But what does intelligent training mean? What is the role of giving the muscles sufficient opportunity to gain strength and mass?

In other words, how unwise would it be to hinder the build-up process that is currently underway, or even to stop it prematurely?

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myTRS: Online tool for muscle build-up and weight training myTRS: Online tool for muscle build-up and weight training

The benefits without serious risks?

A trained musculoskeletal system offers quality of life into old age. However, the training is then no longer the same as it was in the past: It is important to respond to the changing needs of the body.

With advancing age becomes clear: Avoiding overexertion or even injury is now the top priority.

Train effectively and flexibly

The job: Demanding. The free time? Scarce. However: build-up training helps to relieve the stress of the working day.

But efficiency would be important: Good results with as little effort as possible. And: Lots of flexibility in workout scheduling to handle the vagaries of everyday life.

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