You already know a lot about build-up training? Then you will be interested in myTRS.

Train today? If yes, what?

Build-up training always means a targeted load on the muscles. It is only in the recovery phase thereafter that the increase in mass or strength occurs.

But what condition are your muscles in today? What can already be trained again, and which parts still need time for regeneration?

When is the best time?

It's not easy to keep track of everything: When did I last train with which exercises? How hard? And on top of that: Individual muscle parts take different amounts of time to recover and become stronger.

So when is the right time to start loading certain muscles again?

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myTRS: Online tool for muscle build-up and weight training myTRS: Online tool for muscle build-up and weight training

Hard training and regeneration:
The unbeatable duo for your build-up success.

You are here – ready to go!

Finally, you're back to training! Your body parts are in different state of stress. What exercises fit this status? And which are more likely to be avoided because assisting muscle groups have not yet sufficiently recovered and repaired? A question that is not so easy to answer due to the complex interrelationships.

Staying the course as a success factor

Success in build-up training requires not only hard training, but above all: consistency. And that is often the biggest challenge: How do you manage not to give up? Over weeks, months and years? And how do you manage to keep an eye on your own consistency?

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