How can we help?

How can we help?

Orientation videos

Help inside myTRS

Dealing with info texts. Questions and answers.

Training of the previous day

Body diagram. Exercise catalogue. Booking of an exercise, further info texts. Completion of exercises: date, intensity. Color changes in body diagram and preview.

Today's training

Body diagram and selection of muscle parts. Book exercises. Exercise catalogue with illustrations. List of exercises planned today. Completion of exercises: Intensity, comments. Color changes in body diagram and preview. Showing the status before today's training.

Quick status overview

Color boxes with number of muscle parts. Comparison with body diagram. Display of the respective muscle parts.

Training partners

Overview of statistical values of partners, but also your own. Read access to data released by partners.

Exercises catalogue

Show and hide filter settings. Recomendations and check dates. Select and filter favorites. Types of exercises and joints involved. Mainly loaded or assisting. Filter by name component. Open catalogue from body diagram and preview. Further explanations in the info text.

Training analysis

Training days, training year. Hiding of pure cardio trainings. Muscle stimulation and hiding of assisting muscles. Graph analysis and further explanations in the info text.

Tips and guidelines

Start and register

Where and how do I register (create a new user account) to be able to use myTRS by logging in with user name and password?

Operation and navigation

Which elements are available to operate myTRS? Which different ways do you use to access the individual areas of the web app?

User settings

Where are which settings available to adapt your myTRS user account to your personal and individual preferences?

Key features

What are the characteristic functions of myTRS? In which way and in which steps does the operation of the web app take place?

Jumpstart into the first training

What support can be used to shorten the time it takes to enter the first training in myTRS? Where can I find information on the operation?

Sharing with training partners

What did your training partners do? In which state of regeneration are their muscles? What have they planned?

No answer found?

You have a question you couldn't find an answer to in the instructions and in myTRS? No problem: Send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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