You want to train the same all the time? Very bad idea

Early inspiration

As early as the 1990s, John Comereski published an article in the American magazine Muscle & Fitness that looked more closely at the different recovery times of individual muscle groups. However, the practical implementation of these findings was always a problem: A wide variety of exercises, performed at different intensities, leads to a difficult-to-understand stress situation on the muscles. For decades bodybuilders have therefore been trying to counteract overtraining of individual parts of the body by means of sophisticated split programs.

John Comereski has been active in the American fitness scene for many years. Here you can find his original article titled “Formula for Recovery”, published in July 1992:

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Knowledge of the interrelationships has therefore been available for a long time. And with the help of myTRS, there is now also a tool for dealing with the complexity and confusion, associated with the concept of Regeneration Based Workout.

Scientific work as a basis

Her diploma thesis “Optimization of muscle building with consideration of regeneration and supercompensation” as part of her education as a certified fitness and health trainer was the impetus for Julia Lipp to deal more intensively with the topic of regeneration. And in the course of her master thesis in the subject “Business Informatics” a prototype for a suitable application was then developed. This prototype was the basis for myTRS.

From now on you also have the possibility to use the knowledge about muscle regeneration for your personal training.
myTRS – My Training Regeneration Status