You want to train the same muscles all the time? Very bad idea.

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Early inspiration

Back in the nineties, John Comereski published an article in the American magazine Muscle & Fitness, which looked more closely at the different recovery times of individual muscle parts.

However, the practical implementation of these findings has always been a problem: a wide variety of exercises, performed at different intensities, lead to a difficult to see through load situation of the musculature. This is due to the fact that in most exercises not only the muscles that are mainly loaded are trained, but also those that support the movement.

For decades, bodybuilders have therefore tried to avoid overloading individual body parts by means of sophisticated split programs to counteract the overloading of muscles by training training them too often.

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myTRS: Online-Tool für Muskelaufbau und Kraftsport myTRS: Online-Tool für Muskelaufbau und Kraftsport

Some principles are timeless:
Use of proven methods of oldschool bodybuilding.

Muscle regeneration: how long does it last?

John Comereski has been active in the American weight training scene for many years. Here is his original article entitled „Formula for Recovery”, published in July 1992:

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Source references (article und ISSA table):
COMERESKI, J. Formula for Recovery. Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness, July 1992
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The knowledge of the correlation has therefore been available for a long time. And with myTRS, there is now also a tool to deal with the complexity and clutter associated with the concept of regeneration based build-up training.

Diploma thesis as basis

Her diploma thesis „Optimization of muscle building under consideration of regeneration and supercompensation” as part of the education to become a fitness and health trainer was the impetus for Julia Lipp to deal more intensively with the subject of regeneration. And in the course of her master's thesis in „Business Informatics” a prototype for a suitable application was then developed. This prototype was the basis for myTRS.

From now on you also have the opportunity to use the knowledge for muscle regeneration for your own personal workout.

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