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Regeneration is not measurable – how should this work?

If we define regeneration as the complete recovery of the microtraumas caused by hard training, then the question arises: How should this be identified? Which parameters are suitable to determine the complete repair of the damaged structures? And how should an app do this without jamming hundreds of sensors into the muscles of the training user?

Our online tool is not an algorithm that knows all the necessary factors and derives a necessarily correct result from them. myTRS rather proceeds heuristically: Based on some relevant factors, probable results are estimated and derived. It may be that the result cannot be relied upon one hundred percent, but: Such an “experience procedure” can be a helpful stimulus for your own considerations.

So let's not fall into the trap of the “all or nothing”: Even for a journey in your own car, a simple schematic sketch is often enough for the experienced driver to know what to do. Usually, it is not necessary for a navigation device to give its recommendations every second of the trip: Often it is enough to know the three to five crucial junctions of a route to find your way around easily.

And this is what myTRS could be compared to: A sketch that gives the advanced athlete an overview of how his or her muscles might be stressed or regenerated.

Is this about a new kind of training plan?

No. If anything, it's about a special training philosophy:

The concept of regeneration-based build-up training is based on information that was already published 30 years ago and is still contained in teaching materials for trainer education today. John Comereski from New York wrote an article as early as 1992 which dealt with interesting findings of the International Sports Sciences Association and was published in the US-American journal Muscle & Fitness. By the way, an original issue of this journal is owned by the myTRS team.

What has been missing for many years was the possibility to make this rather complex topic manageable for practical everyday use by means of computer technology. Today it is different, and so myTRS was developed as an online tool in the form of a web app.

You can find the original article by John Comereski here: Early inspiration

Does the fitness app myTRS want to replace the coach?

No.  A tool like myTRS should not replace people, but support them. 

How? myTRS offers you as a coach some new possibilities to actively accompany your clients in their work on their success. Your activity may shift more into the strategic or into the detailed operational area: Both the basic training planning of your clients (goals, annual cycle, targeted repetition range, etc.) or very concrete optimizations of the exercise execution (technique, training method, cadences, etc.) may gain in importance, while the planning of the split program may take less space.

Anyway: With myTRS you can offer your clients something that not everyone has yet: A workout that is newly individualized each time, based on the current load profile or the regeneration status of the trainee.

Boredom has almost no chance anymore!

Standard therapy?

Those who go to the doctor probably do not want a standard therapy, but a treatment that is adjusted to the individual case. A therapy, which was provided after detailed anamnesis and expert diagnosis of a competent physician.

As a personal trainer you can take some of this basic idea with you in order to give your clients individually tailored recommendations: With myTRS you can determine at any time in which condition the muscle parts of your client are today. And on this basis you can compile your recommendations for the upcoming training.

Get a picture of whether myTRS can support you in offering your customers a flexible and precise service!

Loyal members?

As a studio owner you are always looking for good ideas how to win and keep your members as loyal customers? For example with inexpensive tablets for the use of myTRS in the gym?

Successful athletes like to go to the studio and often do: The motivational impact of effective workouts brings energy and stamina for consistent training. These are the customers your studio lives from - and not those whose good intentions last from December 31st until January 1st.

Get your own overview of the benefits myTRS has to offer for your members! And find out whether your studio could also benefit from it.
Register and try? Also coaches and studio operators are very welcome as users!

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