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All benefit from myTRS?

Is this fitness app supposed to replace the trainer? Or get people to work out only at the home gym? None of this – the online tool is designed to help more people exercise successfully and healthily over the long term – whether alone or with a coach, at home or in the gym.

The basic principle of regeneration-based training is: train each muscle group only when it is ready for the next training stimulus – and not earlier. Such an approach ensures that the muscle has enough time to build up and prevents overtraining and injury. When exercisers base each workout on their current load/recovery profile, it helps them better hit the supercompensation phase. The result: good and sustainable build-up success.

And studio owners, trainers and coaches? They benefit too, because: Those who train successfully stick with it. They keep coming back to the gym. And will probably soon want to know how far they can actually get in their physical development. That’s the kind of client you want as a service provider in the fitness industry.

The online tool myTRS focuses on one thing only: The targeted exercise selection for optimal consideration of the current condition of the day. In other words, don’t train exercises that strain muscles that should still be regenerating. This may theoretically be the task of clever training programs, but as we all know, everyday life all too often throws a spanner in the works. So why not plan each day based on what the load is at the moment?

Let’s be clear: the myTRS online tool is not intended to convert people to the home gym, nor to get them to work out on their own. Everyone should continue to do this as they wish – we do not presume to interfere in this.

And with regeneration-based build-up training, there is plenty of room for professional coaches to competently assist their clients with both basic strategies and details for optimal exercise execution. It is likely that the need for advice will even increase, because the client, increasingly motivated by varied training, will also develop more interest in the different exercises and training methods. The result: personalized client care – on a truly individual basis.

And that makes myTRS what it was meant to be from the start: a tool in the hands of a competent person.

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