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What does myTRS cost?

If you like, nothing at all. You can book up to 100 exercises for free. And if you want, you can get the unlimited version for the equivalent of an energy drink – no, not per day, but per week!

Join free of charge and without obligation

Your first step into using myTRS is without any risk: After registering your new user, you can add up to 100 exercises to your trainings in myTRS. No costs at all. And you nearly don’t have to reveal any data about yourself.

myTRS licenses for the equivalent of an energy drink or a protein bar?

Let’s take 1 euro and 50 cents – that’s about the price of an energy drink or a protein bar. And you also know how quickly both can be gone.

With myTRS you get a whole week of personal assistance for the same money: The web app helps you to explore the concept of regeneration-based build-up training and to use it for your workout.

License periods: Quarter, half-year or even a whole year?

So if we extrapolate the weekly 1 Euro 50 Cent, that would be 6 Euro per month and 18 Euro per quarter. Such quarters always begin with 1st of January, 1st of April, 1st of July or 1st of October.

The longer a license is valid, the cheaper it becomes: A half-year license does not cost twice the price of a quarterly license, but only 33 euros instead of 36 euros. And an annual license is even cheaper: Instead of 72 Euro it costs only 60 Euro.

Started quarters and reduced prices

Licences for quarters that have already begun become cheaper from certain deadlines: From the 15th of the first month the price is only 12 Euro instead of 18 Euro, from the 15th of the second month only 6 Euro. From the 15th of the third month it will be very cheap for you: For the last 2 weeks of a quarter you get your license for free.

And how to pay?

With the payment service provider Mollie you can pay instantly in the following ways:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Online banking (SOFORT or EPS)

If you want, you can also activate the license immediately and transfer the amount to our bank account within 2 weeks.

Questions, ambiguities, problems? Let’s talk about it.

Something doesn’t seem quite clear to you about your licenses in myTRS? No problem – contact us and send an e-mail to

A final price comparison

Finally, a thought about the price of myTRS: For 60 Euros you can use the web app as intensively as you like on all kinds of devices – for a whole year. The same money would be used up for a single hour of massage – for example after minor injuries or longer overtraining. And that’s exactly what myTRS should protect you from.

Note: This article is a supplement to the myTRS website.