Let’s get the fun back (part 4)

Weight training and bodybuilding are about commitment, discipline and consistency – no question about it. But despite all the seriousness, what should never be neglected is the fun of it all. Blog version of the post series of our accounts on Instagram @mytrs_fitness and facebook @mytrs.fitness in 4 parts.

Let’s bring back the fun!


could we do to bring more joy back into our training?

A very first point

could be to take out unnecessary pressure. Sure – for an athlete just before the competition this is NOT a good idea. But for us recreational athletes, it could be the decisive one. Because: In our lives, sports must also interact well with other areas of life.


Less pressure towards yourself. And be mindful of what you ask of yourself: After all, it’s about exercising our training for the rest of our lives. A consequence that does not run the risk of succumbing to burnout.

So let’s not be

so merciless with ourselves! Let’s allow ourselves the chance to make mistakes. And to learn from experience. We don’t have to be perfect every day – we can also become wiser step by step.

And above all this,

we should not forget: Hard training is not only good for us, but also really fun!