Let’s get the fun back (part 2)

Weight training and bodybuilding are about commitment, discipline and consistency – no question about it. But despite all the seriousness, what should never be neglected is the fun of it all. Blog version of the post series of our accounts on Instagram @mytrs_fitness and facebook @mytrs.fitness in 4 parts.

Let’s bring back the fun!

Everyone demands

top performance from us. Constantly and absolutely. And even we often demand the maximum from ourselves. Now it is important to work seriously on your goals. But when is enough really enough?

The question is

whether to work on a short-term goal or a long-term goal. Why? Because you might want to approach it differently. Whereas with short-term goals it is sometimes actually a matter of giving everything, with long-term goals it is particularly a matter of consistently sticking to it.

And it’s precisely this staying power

that you should cultivate. For example, by adding variety to your workouts to constantly confront your body and mind with new impulses and counteract the dangerous boredom. myTRS helps by always adapting the exercises in your workout to your state of mind on the day.

Let’s get back

the fun of training! Let’s not only see the doggedness that is sometimes necessary, but also the joy of the progress achieved so far! Let’s train in a way that is good for us personally.

And let’s treat

our body as if it were our best friend all our lives.