Let’s get the fun back (part 3)

Weight training and bodybuilding are about commitment, discipline and consistency – no question about it. But despite all the seriousness, what should never be neglected is the fun of it all. Blog version of the post series of our accounts on Instagram @mytrs_fitness and facebook @mytrs.fitness in 4 parts.

Let’s bring back the fun!

How could we

actually lose it, the fun in and at the training? When did this actually happen, and why?

Probably a lot happened around the turn of the millennium: More and more people were striving for self-optimization. The fascination with new technologies helped to anchor the ideal of the perfectly functioning human being in more and more people’s minds.

And the result of that?

What was technically possible automatically became an obligation. Like this: “Excuse me? You’re not using all the options available to you today? Yeah, why not? Don’t you want to be the very best, a Master of the Universe? Well.”

The result: exercisers were wrapped up in an ever-increasing variety of requirements and “must-haves,” and that could become quite demanding. The supposed solution: To ensure that people don’t fail in the process, more and more sensors and smart gizmos are also being offered that tell people how and what to think.

Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

But it is not

yet too late. There is still time for self-thinking people to use the available technologies for what they should actually be: as tools. With the realization: I don’t have to actually buy or use everything that is available and possible.

However, we first have to be tough enough

to resist the marketing machineries of the world. But it’s worth it: once we’re captain of our ship of life again, training becomes noticeably more fun again.