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The showcase in myTRS

So what – myTRS is ad-free, but you still see ads in this “showcase” after logging in? Here is explained how this fits together.

No advertising in myTRS … or is it?

First of all, it’ s all clear: You won’t be overwhelmed with advertising in myTRS – that was important to us from the very beginning. Instead, you’ll see information from companies or people you’re already in contact with: your gym, your coach, or a workout buddy, for example. And you already benefit from these contacts by using a coupon for discounted licenses or a registration code.

1, 2 or 3: The possible cases

So you’ll only ever see ads from someone you know or have a relationship with. There are the following three possibilities:

  1. You are currently using a license for the purchase of which you have redeemed a coupon. The person from whom this voucher originates is therefore your sponsor. And for the validity period of this license you see his showcase.
  2. You were made aware of myTRS by someone and used their registration code when you registered. Thus, you see the showcase of this “mentor”.
  3. If neither of these cases apply, you will see the myTRS team showcase with tips and hints on how to operate your online tool.

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