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Training partner – also without gym? Stay connected!

Stay in touch with coaching clients and training partners? See what the others are doing? With myTRS everyone trains at their own pace. And yet it is still possible to keep track of the current status, recently completed exercises as well as the planning of the next workout of friendly users. Stay connected!

What are training partners in myTRS?

Training partners are those users of myTRS who are allowed to see your data. Or who have given you the insight into their data. Or both.

In myTRS you will find a list of your training partners with some essential information about their training. For those partners who have given you permission to view their own data, you can start myTRS in partner mode: This is similar to logging in with the partner’s user. However, only some of the functions of myTRS are available to you.

Why see the data of others?

The reason why we have included the concept of training partners in myTRS is to support your own motivation.

It can be an incentive when you see that others are also working consistently and with focus to achieve their goals. It can be a motivation to also load your own muscles again and then keep them in the constructive area of regeneration and supercompensation.

Especially for the times without gym? Stay connected!

Maybe you train mixed: sometimes in the gym, sometimes at home. Or an exceptional situation like the Corona pandemic makes it impossible for you to visit a fitness centre. Whatever the case, myTRS provides you with up-to-date information on the status, completed and planned activities of your friends.

How many muscle parts of your training partners are currently under stress? How many are in supercompensation and ready for the next workout? And how many have not been trained for a long time? You probably ask yourself these and similar questions not only in relation to yourself, but also to others who also train regeneration-based. How much are they on course? Is this an incentive for you and your training, or could they need some motivation from you in return?

Which reminds me: We have deliberately not included communication with your training partners in myTRS. Why reinvent the wheel when a variety of programs and apps have already been established for this purpose? We are convinced: Every user of myTRS already has his ways and means to stay in touch with his friends. myTRS therefore focuses on providing you with concise but essential information about the regeneration status of your training partners.

Insight into your friends’ training: Which data can be made visible to others?

You can unlock the following areas individually for each of your training partners:

  • Training partner – also without studio? Training matrix (trained muscle parts) and training list (training days) with display of the list of trained exercises, but without your comments
  • Status: body diagram and today’s training
  • Preview: Status-Matrix (course of load and recovery of the muscle parts)

If none of these areas is released for a registered training partner, he can only see the following statistical data of you in his own training partner list:

  • Your current user icon
  • Information about how long you have been training with myTRS and how many exercises you have entered in your trainings
  • Details of the last, current and next planned training with the respective number of planned and completed exercises
  • Display of a diagram that shows how many of your muscle parts are in which status (red, yellow, green or grey)

Oh yes – of course your data can only be read by your training partners, and they cannot change your data.

Especially for trainers and coaches: What is a substitute in myTRS?

Each user of myTRS can enter another user as his substitute. This user can then view and change the data of the person represented as if they were his or her own: This allows coaches to supervise their athletes online and accompany their training. Whether in the preparation of the workout or for review and analysis afterwards: the substitute has access to almost all the data of the person he/she is representing.

It is of course not necessary to define such a substitute: Normally, no one can modify a user’s data but the user himself.

Stay connected – but: What about data protection?

Many users of modern apps are not very concerned about the protection of their personal data. It’s different for you: You consider many developments of the last few years to be alarming and wish that various tools and apps would leave the fingers of data that should not interest them.

Here’s the good news: Nobody can access your training data without your knowledge. In the first step you always have to define yourself that you allow a certain user of myTRS to view your data.

And it is similar with the substitute: He can only see and edit your data as long as you have entered him as substitute in your user data. If you remove this entry, the substitution can no longer be performed.

In general, myTRS does not access any of your data to use it for any purposes that have nothing to do with myTRS and the regeneration-based training. We respect your privacy and offer you a fair online tool that does not spy on you.

My status? Your status? Our regeneration!

In any case: The training partner view in myTRS is not about a competition for more whatever, but about working with others to ensure sufficient regeneration after hard training. You can see at a glance how many of your friends’ muscle groups are currently still under heavy stress and how many are already in the phase of supercompensation. Because exactly in this time the next training stimulus should ideally be set.

So stay connected!

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