24 training days in one month?

The critical question was: “24 training sessions in 31 days – is there enough time for regeneration?” It was posed by lawyer and marathon runner Andreas Kadletz (on Instagram: @kadletzandreas). And yes, this question is important enough to be answered in a blog post. Preach water and drink wine? So, what – on the one hand, here at myTRS there…

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The final attempt?

What he had been feeling lately could best be described as “disillusionment”. For years, he had been an advocate of natural, healthy muscle building. But today Armin was on the verge of turning to anabolic steroids. What plagued Armin was his dissatisfaction: Where had his years of hard training led him? To achieve his much longed-for body-building goals? Or just…

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Is THIS the right guide for you?

Does it make sense for recreational athletes to follow what competitive athletes do? Is it useful to design one’s own training so that it is similar to that of a competitive athlete? In search of a suitable guide. Learning from the very best? Let’s assume that a driver with just one year of practice wants to expand his knowledge and…

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All benefit from myTRS?

Is this fitness app supposed to replace the trainer? Or get people to work out only at the home gym? None of this – the online tool is designed to help more people exercise successfully and healthily over the long term – whether alone or with a coach, at home or in the gym. The basic principle of regeneration-based training…

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