Let’s get the fun back (part 1)

Weight training and bodybuilding are about commitment, discipline and consistency – no question about it. But despite all the seriousness, what should never be neglected is the fun of it all. Blog version of the post series of our accounts on Instagram @mytrs_fitness and facebook @mytrs.fitness in 4 parts.

Let’s bring back the fun!

Did it really exist,

the good old days? When many things weren’t so uptight, and when fun and joy were still allowed even in competitive sports? Or is that just a longing that spreads through us because so much seems to be so dogged today?


Not everything was better in the past. But even people at the top, like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the seventies, were able to switch off high-performance mode from time to time and take life a little easier.

However, the picture

we have chosen for this series of posts could also be seen differently: In the middle of the competition, Arnold makes Frank laugh so hard with a joke that his concentration on the next pose is gone. Hmm … who knows?

We at the myTRS team

are convinced that fun and joy are essential elements of a successful, lifelong training. And with myTRS, variety brings joy to your workout: because every day is different, so are the suggested exercises for your next workout. Boredom was yesterday!