Number of repetitions and regeneration

Are there any recommendations as to the number of repetitions within the sets of an exercise with which one should train in order to promote regeneration? What are the effects of a few high-intensity repetitions and what on the other hand are the effects of many low-intensity repetitions? The answer is already given here: The point is to combine both…

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Body & Shape: Training reasonably?

Training hard? Sure. Execute cleanly? Sure. But a “reasonable” workout? Some thoughts about the value of a well thought-out and practical training plan. Gut decision or head decision? With what do you make your decisions about what to train next? With your gut, that is, your feelings? Or with the head, that is with the mind? Or is it even…

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Regeneration-based build-up training – especially for advanced athletes?

What role does regeneration-based build-up training play for athletes who have been training for a long time? Do they not already have enough experience to be able to do without assistance systems of any kind? A few impulses to think about some very important correlations. What is different for advanced athletes? One thing is quite clear: advanced athletes know how…

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